International Indoor Cycling Day!

Tuesday, June 21, was International Yoga Day. I saw an announcement about it on Facebook and wondered how one goes about declaring a day. There is an International Women’s Day, a Women’s Fitness Day and a Senior Fitness Day; Global Running Day was June 1, and National Walking Day is in April. The UK has a National Fitness Day. Heck, even donuts and knitting have their own national days! 

So I posed the idea in various indoor cycling Facebook groups and the response was an immediate and resounding YES!

We want our own day!

But who will do it?

Then I asked myself, “HEY! WHY NOT ME?”

So, I’ve taken it upon myself to create a day to celebrate indoor cycling around the globe. I wanted the day to be in the fall when many people are making the transition to coming inside to work out (at least in the northern hemisphere). So I chose October 21! I didn’t want to compete with other major holidays, of course, but there will likely be a lot of indoor cycling events going on around this time. That’s a good thing! 

This is a day to celebrate everything we love about indoor cycling classes—the joy, the challenge, the music, the camaraderie, the mind-body connection, our ability to set goals and overcome obstacles, and so much more! It doesn’t matter the bike you’re riding or the program you’re certified in—we are all in this together.

Click on the image below to go to Facebook and register your interest in “attending” this event. (Note: There is no one location; this event is wherever you are!)

Let’s spread the message of safe and effective indoor cycling far and wide so even more people can experience this amazing activity that brings us such fitness, wellness, mental clarity, and joy!

Of course, the day wouldn’t be complete without an acknowledgment of the founder of Spinning®, Johnny G. It’s because of his wisdom and passion that we are even doing what we are doing indoors, and I will never forget Johnny’s contribution when it comes time to celebrate.

Ideas for International Indoor Cycling Day

My thoughts are that clubs and studios around the world could create a special event or fundraiser on this day (or over the weekend). Instructors may want to create a contest or a special theme ride. It might be a good day to offer a class for free in your studio as a way to raise awareness. Whatever you do, contact your local media and get coverage of your event and your facility. Associating it with International Indoor Cycling Day is another reason for the media to cover your event!

I want to help studio and club owners and their instructors to promote their craft. Stay tuned—we’ll be giving you ideas on how to maximize this day…tips for promoting your class, club, or studio; how to bring in more new riders; how to get media coverage; and more!

Imagine how this day can grow every single year!

Make sure to go to our Facebook event page to let us know if you’re IN…and invite your friends and share it on your Facebook wall and with other instructors, managers, and studio owners. While you’re at it, make sure to LIKE our Facebook page too.

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  1. I work as a sales rep so I do a lot of driving around in my car, and many rides come in to fruition there in my mobile office.

    With the updates of International Cycling Day just around the corner, I had my music on shuffle and it just happened that a lot of genres came up for world music. So there my ride was born!
    I’m calling it “All Around The World”….12 countries represented. With variance it will be interval.

    All Around The World – 1hr 3 min

    Just Keep Livin – Mishka
    Far East – Thievery Corporation
    Coco Do Mundo – Electro Coco
    Sleepy Maggie – Ashley Macisaac
    ObLaDi, ObLaDa – Beatles
    Bagdad Cafe – A:xus
    Jai Ho – Slumdog Millionaire
    Girl From Ipanema – Jazz Ella Fitzgerald
    Norway – Cirque De Solei
    Last Train – Banco de Gaia
    Du Hast – Rammstein
    Three Little Birds – Bob Marley
    Morning Song – Le Loup
    Shangri La – Tranquil Moods sampler

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