Italian Music For Giro d’Italia

The Giro d’Italia started on Saturday! Most of you know by now that I love doing Tour de France stages, but the Giro can be just as fun as the Tour, and some might argue that it’s even more fun because there is often more chaos with multiple circuits at the finish of some stages, and the climbs can be a lot steeper than you’ll see in the Tour de France. And sometimes the routes go over the strade bianche, or “white roads” (meaning unpaved). For more information on the stages of the three-week Giro, you can find them on the official Giro website.

While you certainly don’t have to make your Giro playlist all Italian music, it does lend some authenticity when you throw in some fun, cultural Italian music, perhaps a little cheesy Italian pop, or a powerful track or two from a movie like The Italian Job, or the classic The Godfather. Make sure to throw in some Italian hip hop, and of course, some Andrea Bocelli for your pre-class music or cool-down, and Dean Martin singing “That’s Amore” for your post-class music!

The attached PDF of 76 Italian songs (or songs from soundtracks based on Italy or Italians) is directly from my iTunes library. A few of the songs below I do not have in my library but wanted to note them as well.


  1. The song by Camilla (Il Mio Fuoco) was released on a single cd. Lots of copies available on eBay.

    1. Author

      Thank you John! In fact, that’s a good reminder that people can often find lots of unavailable songs on eBay or Amazon as used cds. And often for really cheap too!

  2. I am doing a series of Giro profiles this year and will note the music not listed in Jennifer’s PDF with info about how I used it. Note that my recommendations should be qualified by the fact that most of this music is new to me and it often takes several uses before I find the perfect use for a tune.

    Scappa con me, Jovanotti, 1:51, 100 BPM. Easy descent
    Tornero, L’Italiano, 4:48, 142 BPM moderate climb
    Uno Due Tre (Club mix), Banditozz, 6:34, 135 BPM climb
    HEAVY (Hybrid Theory Rmx), Crookers, 5:15, 127 BPM climb – note that you may want to edit out the section from 1:05 to 1:30 depending on your imagination and that of the participants in your classes
    Zum Zum, Magnifico, 3:20, 101 BPM fast technical descent
    Go!!!!!!!, Jovanotti, 3:22, 130 BPM – I used this to simulate the period when sprint teams start to coalesce for a bunch sprint, riding it at around 97 rpm
    Spente Le Stelle, Casanove Venise Ensemble, 5:46. Cool down and stretch

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