Jennifer Sage Interviewed on Endurance Planet Podcast

Don’t miss this interview on the Endurance Planet podcast by Tawnee Prazak. Their discussion gives insight on the world of stationary bike classes with tips on finding the right class, what “trends” to avoid, power and watts, biomechanics of stationary riding, techniques for athletes, enhancing hill climbing skills, customizing your workouts in class, drills, using HR to achieve training goals, periodization, coaching classes, and much more.

While the Endurance Planet podcast is targeted at endurance athletes including triathletes and marathon runners, the information discussed is applicable to anyone (cyclist or not) taking any kind of indoor cycling class. Please forward this to your students and peers, whether they are cyclists or not, as it emphasizes the importance of keeping it real in all classes.

If you are (or know of) a cyclist or triathlete who is considering getting certified as an indoor cycling instructor, the certification program we recommend is Cycling Fusion. There are two levels of certification available as an online course, taught by Tom Scotto (now the Director of Education and Technology for ICA), one of the top indoor cycling coaches in the country. No need to wait for a certification to come to your area; you can do it today at home. While we always recommend on-the-bike practice, such as taking Master Classes or workshops led by Master Instructors from various programs or attending conferences, this online training cannot be beat in terms of the exercise science and biomechanics you can learn—more than any other program provides.

Then of course, we recommend becoming a member of the Indoor Cycling Association for ongoing education and inspiration!

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  1. Nice job on this interview, Jennifer. Ride On Keep It Real!

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