Jennifer Sage Interviewed on the Cycling 360 Podcast

The Cycling 360 podcast aired today featuring an interview with Jennifer Sage. They discuss how a cyclist can Keep it Real in indoor cycling classes and why it’s important. The topics they discuss are relevant and important not just for cyclists, but for anyone teaching or taking any indoor cycling class anywhere. Jennifer discusses how to avoid the “dark side” and the incredible benefits of riding correctly.

If you are not familiar with this podcast, you might want to start following them. Darryl and Victor have been doing this podcast for several years and they have about 40,000 downloads monthly from all over the world! The topics they cover include everything relevant to cyclists of ALL abilities!

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    If you are reading this on Tues Dec 17, pop in at the Cyclng360 Facebook page for a live chat throughout the day

    Topics are anything that has to do with using indoor cycling classes to train for outdoor riding! What works, what doesn’t work, when, when and how….

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