Carpe Diem! A Leap Year Profile, Plus a Bucket List Playlist to Seize the Day

Introducing Carpe Diem: A Leap Year Ride! In this exhilarating journey, we embrace the essence of leap year, a phenomenon that gifts us an extra day once every four years, a fleeting moment to seize opportunities that may otherwise slip through our fingers if we don’t take the time to acknowledge and appreciate the gift.

Did you know that leap year exists because Earth’s orbit around the sun doesn’t precisely match up with our calendar year? This misalignment is corrected by adding an extra day to the calendar every four years, a process known as intercalation. It’s an intriguing phenomenon that highlights the intricate relationship between our planet’s orbit and the structure of our calendar. Drop some leap year trivia into your ride for added entertainment!

Just as February 29 appears on our calendars once every four years, this ride presents us with an extra 29 seconds in select intervals, inviting you to push beyond your limits and embrace the thrill of the unexpected. 

As you embark on this ride, envision yourself as a leap-year adventurer, boldly venturing into uncharted territories of intensity and determination. Each set of this challenging interval profile is crafted to embody the spirit of seizing the moment, making every pedal stroke count toward your goals.

Throughout the journey, you’ll be guided by a selection of songs that echo the themes of courage, determination, and living life to the fullest; a few tracks capture the essence of leaping. Each set serves as a reminder to embrace the present, push past your comfort zone, and chase your wildest dreams. With each extra 29-second burst, imagine yourself leaping toward your goals with enthusiasm, leaving no room for regrets or hesitation.

Remember, the concept of carpe diem doesn’t have to be a once-every-four-years event—it’s a celebration of seizing opportunities whenever they arise. Whether you choose to lead this profile on the added day in February or modify it* to use for New Year’s, or in a charity ride or other event, the message remains the same: carpe diem—seize the day, seize the opportunity, and live life with an unyielding passion.

So, saddle up, fellow leap-year adventurers! Let’s leap into action, embrace the challenge, and grab every opportunity that comes our way! 

Here is my Carpe Diem class promotion:

ICA members can download the profile (PDF and Excel) and access the playlists below. You’ll also find the Leap Year bucket playlist with 150 songs if you want to switch out any of the songs or craft your own profile and playlist. To expand your choices of inspirational tracks even further, you may want to peruse our New Year’s bucket playlists for additional options. 

*Modify the profile for non–leap year use by changing the 29-second add-on efforts to a 30-second opportunity to push harder and seize the day.


  1. Cant wait to use at my Spin Class on the 29th. Love the history tidbits too!

  2. I love this!! And the best part… I have most of the songs!! YAY! Thanks Jennifer

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