Leap Year Playlist and Profile: Grab That Opportunity!

Leap year comes once every four years. To me, it represents taking advantage of an opportunity you may not have otherwise had if you hadn’t gotten that extra day, extra hour, extra moment in time. 

I compiled a leap year playlist in Spotify with songs using a variety of themes such as opportunity, no regrets, this is the day, no time to lose, and of course leaping/jumping. (I found a few songs that were about leap year itself, but not many were very good for cycling.) So far, I’ve got over 120 songs to choose from in this playlist. 

I then created a profile using these songs which you can find below. It’s got five sets of alternating harder with easy or moderate efforts, some of which include an extra 29 seconds to take advantage of, representing that extra opportunity presented to us.

While it is called the Leap Year Ride: Grab That Opportunity, that doesn’t mean you have to wait four years to use this profile again. The themes of “let’s do this,” “go for it” and “today is the day” are fabulous motivational themes to use anytime. (You’ll find hundreds more song ideas along those lines in these playlists.) You can even incorporate this profile and playlist into a charity ride. All you need to do is take out any references to this once-every-four-year-event and replace them with additional motivational cues or songs. (Note that I only use two songs with the theme of “jump,” which you can replace if you want, but “jumping” can still work with a non-leap-year theme because one can always jump at an opportunity, right?!) 

Since this IS a leap year, here is some fun trivia you can use when teaching this profile.

ICA members can download the profile (PDF and Excel) and access the playlists below.


  1. Cant wait to use at my Spin Class on the 29th. Love the history tidbits too!

  2. I love this!! And the best part… I have most of the songs!! YAY! Thanks Jennifer

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