Kick Off the New Year With These Six New Year’s Profiles and Six Bucket Playlists With 700 Inspirational Songs

As we eagerly anticipate the arrival of the New Year, the air is charged with excitement and anticipation for the possibilities that lie ahead. While the end-of-year celebrations are filled with joy, we’re all looking forward to embracing the fresh start and new beginnings that come with the turn of the calendar.

To add an extra layer of excitement and motivation, consider leading a New Year’s ride for your members. The experience can be both fun and inspirational, fostering a sense of community and shared commitment to personal growth. Guiding your riders through these profiles will not only challenge them physically but also empower them mentally, setting a positive tone for the upcoming year, and inspiring your students to embark on their fitness journey with renewed vigor and determination.

ICA has carefully crafted six unique New Year’s profiles designed to infuse your classes with enthusiasm and motivation right from the start. Help your students reach their fullest potential this year by inspiring them through your choice of music, coaching, and cues found in these profiles. Or, create your own using one or several of our six bucket playlists below.

Our flagship New Year’s profile, How Big Is Your Why, is an iconic ride that I originally led at WSSC, the World Spinning® and Sports Conference, in 2008 and 2009. Although not specifically designed for the New Year, this ride provides the perfect platform for riders to delve deep within themselves and discover the profound reasons driving their desire for change or goal achievement—their WHY. The magnitude and personal significance of their “why” can significantly accelerate their journey toward success.

Over the years, we’ve added five additional motivational profiles to use on or around New Year’s: Roll With the Changes, Word of the Year, I Dare You to Fly, What’s Stopping You, and Aspire to Inspire. These profiles are versatile, serving as powerful tools not only during the New Year but throughout the entire year, helping students recommit to their goals.

Just like “How Big Is Your Why,” you can use these rides not only around New Year’s but throughout the year to help students recommit to their goals. We hope you find them as motivating and inspirational as we do!

Six New Year’s Profiles

How Big is Your Why?

How Big is Your Why? is a motivational ride to help inspire your students to set a big goal and to understand the steps needed to successfully accomplish that goal. It is one of the signature inspirational profiles at ICA, one you can do any time of the year.


I Dare You to Fly

In this profile, you will dare your riders to recommit to their goals using very powerful songs, each one a perfect complement to your message. You can bring out this powerful motivating ride anytime you want you riders to commit to doing more of what they want and need. Use this profile in its entirety, or just pick out a couple of songs and the associated cueing and throw them into other profiles that need a motivational boost. 

Quick Profile: Aspire to Inspire

New to our New Year’s profiles as an entry in our profile contest is the Aspire to Inspire quick profile by Susan Lafond! As a theme ride, this inspirational profile can be used as an extended ride for a special event, a fundraiser, a New Year’s ride, or any time you want to inspire your riders to overcome challenges. It is written as a 90-minute ride but can be shortened to 60 minutes. 


Roll With the Changes

To not repeat the same mistakes year after year after year, it’s time to stick the stake in the ground and make a decision: A Change Will Do You Good! This inspirational profile will help inspire your students to commit to the changes they need to reach their goals. Based on the classic rock song “Roll With the Changes,” each new motivational song will ingrain your message and inspire them to go just a little longer, a little harder, and to turn the page on the status quo. 

What’s Stopping You?

Christine delivers a thoughtful ride, one that will inspire students to reflect on the “how” they will achieve their goals, not just on the “what” aspect of what they want. I know you’ll find Christine’s unique and introspective coaching to be something you’ll want to incorporate into your profiles.

Word of the Year

Christine Nielsen’s profile will challenge the way you view resolutions by picking one word to become your mantra for the entire year. The coaching throughout her profile provides a plethora of motivating words to help guide your students to select a meaningful word to guide them throughout the year. 

In addition to our profiles, members can access six carefully curated Spotify bucket playlists, each tailored to a specific theme:

  1. New Year’s—General New Year’s Songs, ~50 songs
  2. New Year’s—Celebration Songs, ~130 songs
  3. New Year’s—Inspiration and Empowerment, ~140 songs
  4. New Year’s—Changes and New Beginnings, ~140 songs
  5. New Year’s—Fly (for the “I Dare You to Fly” profile), ~40 songs
  6. Can’t Stop/Won’t Stop/Unstoppable, ~190 songs

Feel free to use these playlists to craft your own inspirational rides and make the New Year’s experience truly memorable for your students. As usual, if you have found a special inspirational song that is missing from our playlists, please let me know so I can add it! 


  1. I used “Dare You to Fly” as a source of inspiration for my NYE profile last year. I was going for a “Carpe Diem” feel so I swapped out some music. I also started with the audio from this “Love What You Do” video as we warmed up: I immediately followed it with “If Today Was Your Last Day” by Nickelback. It’s my very favorite profile to teach!

  2. Used some of the Dare to Fly tunes and coaching last night. Class was full. Had to give up my bike and teach from the floor. They absolutely loved it! Thanks so much, Jennifer.

  3. will there be a new profile for New Years 2017? These are all great but I have taught all of them multiple times. 🙂

    1. I’m eager for new ones too! 🙂

      1. Author

        Thanks Suzy and Katie,

        Not this year. But may I suggest, if you’ve used these before, you take your favorite songs and cues from the various profiles and mix them into a brand new profile simply entitled “Empowerment for the new year.” Do a few songs on inspiration, on trying out your new wings, on change and new beginnings, and then finish with some party and celebration!

        You can also use some songs from our 3 New Year’s playlists. We add new songs every year.

        Happy New Year!

  4. Hi Jennifer,
    Success!! Today, I used the “I Dare You To Fly” profile in our special New Years Kick Off Class. Thank you for a highly motivational profile and fantastic music. Awe, the lyrics!! The cueing notes are long, but necessary, in my opinion. I took the highlights of each track and put it in an Excel spreadsheet. I cut the 11 pgs to 3 pages of about 5 X 10. I used your ideas and as a framework to coach my cyclists…using my own words. My class loved it and we all got a great workout and set challenging goals for 2017. Thanks! Your website has helped me become a better instructor and I continue to learn and grow from reading and using the info you and your team provide. I feel so much more confident as an instructor today verses 4 years ago and I have found a great connection with my regular class attendees. So rewarding! 🙂 Thank you for all you do!

    1. Author

      Thank you so much, Kristine! It makes me so happy to see instructors excel like you are! Thank you for sharing. =)

      Yes, the cueing can get kind of long, but you did exactly what we hope you’ll do…take what works, modify it if necessary.

  5. Hi
    I used one of these today and got rave reviews from my class! Very fun! Thanks for providing these!!

    One suggestion – the profiles take a LOT of paper to print. The “I Dare You to Fly” is 11 pages with the cueing notes! Would it be possible to use a smaller font and maybe take other steps to make them more printer friendly?


    1. Author

      Hi Lisa,

      Good idea. I guess I am thinking about those who can’t read small print quite as well! …hint…me! 😉

      When I print them out, I select just the actual class notes, not the objective or music resources at the end. That way it’s a little shorter.

      This one is particularly long because there are so many inspirational quotes (which by the way, can be used in a lot of different profiles). Many aren’t quite as long.

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