Magic Coaching Minute: Knees Tracking Outward

As instructors it is important that we monitor the form our those in our class. It is not uncommon to notice riders pedaling with their knees too far apart or tracking outward. This video addresses this needed correction and provides two cues instructors can use to guide participants back to better alignment.

Note: Make sure to watch the video to the end. Tom included an outtake that will make you smile!


  1. Author

    I should mention that there are sometimes anatomical anomalies that prevent some people from being able to bring the knees in. We will address those in a future article.

  2. Author

    Andrea, what if your thighs are really curvy? 😉

    I would think if you were to look at the angle of the femur, it would angle inward (similar to a Q-angle, though seated), since the hips are wider than the knees. If the femur remained parallel (if indeed that is what that cue is suggesting) then they would be too far apart.

  3. I heard a cue once to have thighs parallel to the bike frame as you look down. Opinion?

    1. Andrea, in general this cue CAN be correct, but it depends on the bike. Outdoor bikes have a standard distance laterally between the pedals (referred to as the Q-Factor in biomechanics). This standard is between 25-26cm. Indoor bikes and exercise equipment do not all adhere to this same standard with many of them being wider. Because of this, it is not that simple. Until we figure out another method (or they standardize the bikes…NOT), ensuring the knee is aligned over the foot is the best method to maintain alignment and integrity of the knee joint (a one-directionial hinge joint).

  4. You guys are too cute….and smart too!!!!

  5. Author

    I had completely forgotten that Tom did that at the end when we filmed this, so I chuckled when he posted this. Wouldn’t it be cool if that technique worked? 😉

  6. Great cues–I like the part where you show them both right and wrong so they can really see the difference.

    And, I’m still laughing at that outtake. 🙂

  7. Brilliant. And I’m glad I kept watching the last bit of the video! 😉

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