Magic Coaching Minute Video: What to Do With Elbows

Gene Nacey of Cycling Fusion and I came up with a great way to teach your students how to place their hands on the handlebars, and as a result, their elbows should fall into the most natural and comfortable position. This is valid for both indoor and outdoor riding, seated and standing. This cue will really help your students who tend towards the body builder look as they ride.


  1. I’m not able to see the video…it takes me to a link to sign up for a Vimeo subscription. Is the video no longer available? Thanks for any help (when you get back from TDF of course!)

  2. This is a fantastic visual tip for me to demonstrate and use in my cycle classes. I actually see more of my female athletes with the elbows out rather than the men. Do you have any tips for the riders with the knees that stick out? This drives me crazy as a coach. Thanks so much!
    Kim Ohlinger
    KO Training

  3. I know this is unrelated to the subject but Jennifer, I like you hair, it is very nice 🙂

  4. Can’t wait to try this one next week! I have a couple of women who ride with their elbows out and nothing I say makes a difference.

  5. Light bulb moment! I have been trying to get my participants to bring their elbows in. New classes start this week and I am definitely using this cue.


  6. Love it! Using this cue for sure! 🙂

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