Magic Coaching Moment Video: Understanding Toe Straps on Indoor Cycling Bikes

As I traveled around North America for 12 years with the Spinning program to well over a hundred clubs certifying instructors, one thing I encountered again and again was a lack of understanding about toe straps and how they work. Often they were installed incorrectly, with the loose end of the strap pointing to the ground instead of upwards so the rider could reach down and tighten them easily. When riders don’t learn how to tighten the strap correctly, they never really ride with a full engagement to the pedal. Any looseness of the foot in the toe strap means lost energy. I created this video to help you explain to your students the way to make sure those toe straps are tight like they are supposed to be!


  1. Jennifer, I always learn so much from you. One thing I feel I know little to nothing about is bike maintenance. Would love to see some things about that in the future.

  2. Thank you again for giving us such practical and useful information. I can’t imagine teaching indoor cycling without your guidance. Thank you!

  3. I should add here that the toe straps get old and used, so when they do, even if you have the double twist in there, they will start to rotate again. Any sign of ripping or fraying they should be replaced.

  4. …why didn’t I think of that? ‘Cause you got the BRAIN and we need you, “My Dear Master” 🙂

  5. And adding another “Yes Please!” to the bike fit video. I’ve got the plumbob and Spin tool from the Spinning website, but I don’t feel like I can ever get enough info about this.

  6. I am actually talking to BikeFit, a company that trains bike fitters around the world. I know they’ve been to WSSC and they see indoor cycling as a good market. They have excellent tools that aren’t that expensive (goniometer, plumb line etc). I am hoping to have them provide me with one of their training videos, or arrange to create one together. And (cross fingers) hoping to provide discounts to ICA members for their products!

    Bike fit is one of the most important things for instructors to learn how to do quickly and effectively.

  7. Great tip, Jennifer. Thx for posting this.

  8. These videos tips are a great idea! Can you do a bike fit video? I know how to set up and have taken Josh’s bit fit workshop, but not having a goniometer and our bikes (Star Trac Pros), that don’t have the smaller adjustments, sometimes I feel people fall into a saddle set-up that could be either closer/further and higher/lower ?

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