My 2014 New Year’s Ride

This year I took a compilation of the four inspirational New Year’s profiles on ICA and put them together into one 90-minute ride. I started with the How Big is Your Why (New Year’s Revolution) and Roll With the Changes and used some of my favorite songs from those two rides. I added a few of Christine’s songs from Word of the Year and took some of her great coaching from that profile as well as the very affirming What’s Stopping You. (Note: THIS PAGE has links to all four of those profiles.)

I did not put it down into a formal profile for you but you can download a PDF of the playlist here, and print out the profile below. The Spotify playlist can be found below (note the version of Rise Up was not available so has been replaced with a shorter version).

The power of this ride is in the cueing from these four profiles. If you want to combine them into a longer class, I would print out all four of them, and mix and match the message you want to get across. That way you can really personalize it to reflect how you coach and what you want your students to get out of it.

In the profile below, I simply referred to which of the above profiles I was using as my reference for the coaching.

I’m going to be doing this profile next week at a new club. Some of their students have ridden with me, but I’ll be new to others.

Remember, New Year’s profiles can be done with great impact all throughout January!

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