New Year’s Revolution Profile: Be Unstoppable!

ICA has an amazing collection of New Year’s theme profiles—every year I change my New Year’s ride up just a little. I still borrow little bits from all the ICA profiles, mixing and matching songs, cues, and concepts. This year, I’m putting them together into a New Year’s Revolution ride with the goal of inspiring my riders to Be Unstoppable

I included this amazing song from our Mainstream Music Monday series. 

Why a “revolution”? Because resolutions don’t work! (But…not to worry, there are steps you can take to learn to set and achieve realistic and smart goals!)

Here is an article on why therapists say that New Year’s resolutions usually don’t work. If you have a little revolution in your thinking and overcome these obstacles, then you can be better equipped to setting and actually achieving your goals. Use some of this information in your cueing for the ride. 

Below are some ideas you can use to help spur that revolution in your riders’ minds and inspire them to set and reach realistic goals:

Why New Year’s Resolutions Suck (And How to Create Goals that Actually Work)

Why New Year’s Resolutions Fail (and How to Save Yours) 

Why do you care if they set realistic goals that actually work? Because chances are, their goals will include staying committed to their fitness. You, their motivational instructor and coach, are a big part of their lives! The more you can help them, the greater the chances are that they will continue coming to your classes. 

And you? You get to change more lives! 

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