OCD: Find the Time

There are many pedal stroke drills you can employ to help your riders learn how to pedal smoothly and efficiently. The first one we gave you, the Face of the Clock drill, is the foundation of all pedal stroke drills. Dividing up the pedal stroke into a clock face is an effective visual aid and will help your riders understand how their muscles work throughout the 360 degrees of the circle.

Make sure you read the Face of the Clock drill thoroughly, including the various cues to help riders understand it fully.

Once they understand the clock drill, here is another fun one you can add to the mix.

Find the Time



  1. Love the fun of this Jennifer. How about 5:00-7:00 Happy Hour. Trying to stay respectfully sober, smooth and happy for those 2 hours and no sloppy technique. It’s always 5:00 somewhere and by 7:00 those hamstring need some help from their friend the Hip Flexor getting up and off the stool or out of that chair.

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