Power Training

Gene Nacey is rewriting his book on Power Training through his posts on ICA. Sally Edwards wrote the forward for his first book. That forward is printed here, and is a great explanation of what you can expect from these articles over the next few months, helping you grasp power training in more detail.

Power Training

Forward to Gene Nacey’s Power Training by Sally Edwards

First impressions are important – whether it is with your new power tool or a new friend. My first encounter with both Gene Nacey, the power training guy, and with my new outdoor, and subsequently my indoor power meter, prove that point.


  1. Trying to find this book to purchase. Amazon has it only in kindle. Is it available in a hard copy? If so, do you know where?


    1. Author

      Hi Mary, it was never available in hard copy, only digital. Personally, I think you would get much more out of reading Joe Friel’s Power Meter Handbook and then (if you are a member of ICA) read all the articles and watch the sessions on power training as it applies to indoor cycling.

  2. I will buy Gene’s book but I would be interested in what ICA’s recommendation is for an indoor cycling power meter? Which one can easily be installed on an indoor cycle.

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