Profile: A Tribute to Bikes! A Bicycle Ride Over Three Types of Terrain

June 3 is World Bike Day. June 26* is Ride Your Bike to Work Day—but for those of us who love indoor cycling, we can change that to “Ride Your Bike to Work Out Day”! And every single day from January 1 to December 31 is the perfect day to ride your bike for no other reason than because you love to—outdoors or indoors! 

We’ve got just the profile for you to celebrate outdoor cycling on your indoor bike. It’s called A Tribute to Bikes by Julianne Lafleur. The profile covers three types of terrain that one might encounter while riding outside: flat roads with headwinds, rolling hills, and sustained climbs. Each segment is 9–10 minutes long and the segments gradually increase in difficulty. The first block is moderate, the second is moderate to hard (and a few segments to very hard), and the final segment is hard to very hard. 

All the songs in this profile have a cycling theme and were taken from one of our four bicycling-related bucket playlists that you can find here. There are almost 500 songs to choose from if you want to switch a song or two out or if you need to lengthen this 50-minute profile to 55 or 60 minutes. 

We’d love to hear how your riders enjoyed this profile when you teach this ride!

*I’ve seen different dates for “Ride Your Bike to Work Day”—it might change to be sure it’s on a weekday. Some locations celebrate May as Bike Month and others celebrate June as Bike Month; here in Colorado, there are bike-related activities all through June and our Bike to Work Day is June 26 this year. Check locally to see if your city, state, or country has a different day to celebrate riding your bike because it makes a great day for a theme ride in your cycling classes. The good news is that World Bike Day is June 3 globally.

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