PROFILE: Halloween Truth AND Consequences

This very fun profile is a game that you’ll play with your students. You’ll ask them a series of questions and, depending on how bad they were as kids when trick or treating or on they antics they played at college costume parties, you’ll tell them to “pay some penance”! It has the potential of being quite challenging, unless, of course, your students were all angels growing up!

I’ve given you a long list of questions to ask but my questions might give you some fun ideas for your own. If so, write out this profile with your own questions and create index cards for each song with your questions on them. I bet some of you will have some fun ones—will you share them with us all by leaving a comment below?

As usual, feel free to switch out the songs from our comprehensive Halloween playlist.

Have fun with this one!


  1. Jennifer,

    When pulling together a new profile I always turn to you first. I am so glad to have you as a resource and am incredibly grateful for the in depth information you share.
    Most of my classes are science based & training specific but this morning we rode to this Truth & Consequences profile and had an absolute blast!! We all enjoyed not worrying about thresholds, heart rates or cadence and instead just rode for the fun of it.
    I brought in a ton of hats, tiaras and other props to accompany the different songs which my riders enjoyed wearing. We had so much fun climbing for our sins and laughing at all the questions.
    The geek that I am, I typed up all the questions & cues that I planned on using and turned them into laminated flash cards so they wouldn’t be ruined by moisture. Now, I have them ready to use again in the future.

    Thanks again! You’re the best!
    Andi Balland

  2. Rode this today with my class. Lots of laughter while working hard!. Had a lot of cute remarks when asked how many have dressed as a Dominatrix. One of the guys said he was shocked that I didn’t ask how many guys had dressed in drag! I passed out bags of M & M’s for their reward at the end. Thank you for a fun ride!

  3. I’ll add these to the profile for next year!

    Actually, when I taught it, it turned into a very interactive ride. I asked my students if they had any questions of their own, and they added a few that were similar to some that Juliet posted.

    One of my regulars is from England and didn’t grow up with Halloween or Trick or Treating. I asked her if she ever went to a costume party in college and she said yes, so I told her that counted!

    Incidentally, during the Pirates of the Caribbean song, and my last question of “who think Johnny Depp is a hunk as Jack Sparrow” all the women shot up! There was one male, and his wife said, “You can stand up too, because I need extra points on this one!”

  4. Those are great additional questions, Juliet! I’m going to add some of those next time I do the profile. 🙂

    Rode this with my Sunday peeps today–they got a kick out of the questions. I had to remind them not to just laugh it off–this was our means of getting into challenging work! Fun time.

  5. Here are more questions that I will use for my ride.
    Who had a home made costume? who had the funky smelling plastic masks? Who carried a orange plastic pumpkin to collect candy? Who carried a pillow case?
    Who has taken more than 2 pieces from an unattended candy bowl? Who used to come home and immediately sort/trade candy? Who has come home and gotten rid of their candy that night? Who’s family has given out the dreaded minibox of raisens?
    Who has kicked in a pumpkin? Played Ding, Dong, Ditch? Egged a house? Left a Flaming Poo? T.P.ed a house?
    Which was better the Munsters or Addams Family? (too young to remember those shows=double penalty) Who has watched It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown (when it only came on once a year)? Who dressed up for Rocky Horror Picture Show? Who loved Young Frankenstien?

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