Profile: Rock ‘n’ Ride—Conquering the Climbs to Modern Rock

Have you ever walked into your class filled with giddy anticipation, fueled by an awesome playlist that’s ready to rock the room? That’s exactly what I felt earlier this week when I introduced my new rock-themed ride. It turned out to be a resounding success, with one rider whispering to me after class, “I hope it’s OK that I asked you to turn up the volume…I was in such a zone and didn’t want to lose it. Also…would you be OK sharing the playlist with me?”

The week before, I had taken them through the paces with the Three-Peat Intervals featuring classic rock hits. I promised them that the next ride would spotlight more contemporary rock groups. I sifted through countless songs from modern rock artists, spending hours curating the perfect mix, primarily from the ICA Modern Rock bucket playlist.

This ride features four challenging climbs, each lasting 7 to 9 minutes. Following the climbs, the next song first acts as a recovery (about 2 minutes) and then transitions to a moderately paced flat road to the base of the next climb. The entire playlist is packed with modern and alternative rock anthems from the ’90s to the present day, and I made sure to incorporate a healthy dose of songs from female artists.

Whether you’re looking for another Rocktober ride or simply looking to inject some rock ‘n’ roll energy into your class at any time of the year, this profile is your ticket to a memorable journey. 

Ride on and rock out! 🚴‍♂️🎸🎵

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