Quick Profile: Lactate Threshold Hill Repeats

You asked, and we are delivering! Instructors have told us they want more profiles, so we are introducing our newest format, Quick Profiles. We are still going to be delivering the longer, more in-depth profiles that ICA is famous for, as they provide you with amazing stories and cueing that you can modify as needed, or borrow for other profiles. But we also realize you want and need shorter profiles that you can add your own cueing to. Each one will include an awesome Spotify playlist, and a resource for finding the songs elsewhere.

The first one is Lactate Threshold Hill Repeats.

These threshold hill repeats are an excellent way to improve power at threshold, improve oxygen delivery, and train the body to burn fat at higher intensities. Your goal will be to hit your target early in the interval and then maintain the intensity throughout the 6 minutes.

This workout will leave your riders begging for more profiles just like this!


  1. Profile, format, comments?

    As Tony The Tiger would say, “They’re GRRREAT!

  2. I so appreciated this profile, Jennifer! Thank you! I teach a small, but dedicated class at the USAFA. Earlier in the week, I gave them a copy of your article on LT for “homework” and said we will discuss it briefly at our next class. I explained how the LT Hill Repeat profile allows us to incorporate these principles into our training. Last night we rode the profile and the class loved it. Explaining the “why” encouraged and motivated them to do their best. I used your RPE chart, writing Zones 1-5 on our white board for their reference along with my verbal cues. The format of this profile was perfect! Thank you, too, Bill for the additional songs!

  3. Just wanted to add my voice as well, that YES. Love this, love the format. More, please and thank you!

  4. Love the simplicity of this format.And always love getting new appropriate music! MORE please of the quick and dirty formats!

  5. Love the quick profiles, more please 🙂

    1. +1 to this. Huge timesaver AND it comes with a playlist!? #instructorheaven

  6. This is a very helpful format – very usable. This is a wonderful new offering from ICA.

  7. I have a suggestion. Would it be possible for you to include in the format the Rate of Perceived Exertion? The bikes at my facility don’t have power meters and my riders have been Spinning for close to 15 years and are used to the Johnny G./Mad Dogg format where we don’t make reference to intensity zones – I have to teach old school and use RPE and creative cueing to describe the level of intensity the riders should be at during an effort.
    Thanks! ????

    1. Author

      Hi Angelia. There is a segment for intensity, and I have asked contributors to include perceived exertion cues (hard, breathless, below threshold, sustainable, deep breaths, etc) depending on the scenario. But the RATE of perceived exertion (i.e. the numbers from 1–10) can be confusing, unless I clarify on each and every one which RPE chart we are using. The RPE chart we use at ICA has threshold (“hard”) at 7, whereas some use a chart that has threshold at 5. The one I use is based on many cycling coaches, Joe Friel Andrew Coggan etc. It doesn’t mean the others are wrong, but if someone uses a different RPE chart, our numbers won’t make sense.

      But “Hard” is hard. So I prefer the verbal descriptions of the intensity over a number scale. Doesn’t mean I don’t use RPE charms I do, but again, only when it’s clarified each time.

  8. Thank you Jennifer! I love this new Quick Profile format! Short and sweet!
    Thank you Bill for the alternate song options.

  9. This is great. Thanks Jennifer.

  10. I love this format! Thanks for sharing. A great follow up to this ride would be Bill’s Tortoise and the Hare profile.

  11. Just listening to the music now in anticipation of using it tomorrow morning. Awesome playlist – love it!!

  12. Thanks for the update to this profile! And I love the new format. So easy to read. Looking forward to more!

  13. I just rode the threshold hill repeats profile and I am totally obsessed!!!!!!!! First i loved how it was written out the format that you used, so neasy to follow. I also put in a few of my songs that I have i my library. I kept my HR under control and I told myself just keep to the beat the full length. I wasnt as concerned with the gear cuz as you know all bikes are different it was how I was feeling and I also wear a moniter.
    My songs were: Wish I knew w/u (one of your song choices of the week)
    Shes not me
    Lie to ourselvesChristopher lawrence Dave Aude
    When you wre young Calvin Harris remix
    Everything (your song choice)
    On the move (Dumonde remix)
    Shake it out Florence and the machine cool down

  14. I like the Quick Profile format a lot. Here are some songs of various genres which are around 6:00 between 120 and 160 BPM:
    Apocalypse Dreams – Tame Impala 128BPM 5:57
    Rods and Cones – Blue Man Group 130BPM 5:57
    Wicked Games (Chris Isaak cover) – Parra for Cuva 125BPM 5:58
    Brother Sport – Animal Collective 133BPM 5:59
    Zeus No Like Techno – Banco De Gaia 128BPM 6:03
    Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains) – Arcade Fire 120BPM 6:07
    Free – Rudimental 120BPM 6:12
    Skin Of The Night – M83 120BPM 6:13

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