Quick Profile: Lather, Rinse, Repeat, Take 2 (4-Minute Intervals)

Like the first Lather, Rinse, Repeat profile (3-minute intervals), this one may seem very “basic.” We increase to 4-minute intervals that are just above threshold. For those training with power, a 4-minute interval is generally going to be a few watts lower than the average was for 3 minutes.

These efforts, when performed above threshold for 4 minutes, are physically demanding and will target VO2 max improvements and aerobic capacity. You can also choose to do this entire profile at slightly lower intensity. It will still be challenging and fun, but won’t target VO2 max improvement as much, and 4 minutes is not long enough to elicit improvements in lactate threshold.

The key is in coaching riders to respect their recovery. If they do not recover at a low enough intensity, there is no way—no matter how fit they are—that they will be able to consistently hit the target.

Now you’ve got two new interval profiles, this one and the previous Lather, Rinse, Repeat with 3-minute intervals, plus other interval profiles on ICA such as this one called Progressive Dueling Intervals and this template for threshold intervals.  


  1. Where do I find the 4 min profile?

    1. Hi Rod, Click on the “click here to download the PDF” button which will download the profile.

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