Threshold Interval Profile Template

Threshold Interval Profile Template: Over 50 Profiles Possible!

This may be one of the most valuable downloads we’ve ever provided at the Indoor Cycling Association. In this template for creating intervals at lactate threshold (LT) or functional threshold power (FTP), you can mix and match the variables provided to create well over 50 different profiles! Yes, you read that correctly. Over 50 profiles!

Some will be hill repeats, some on flats. Some will be faster climbs, some all one cadence, some all slower climbs. Same with the flat road cadence variations. Or mix the terrain in various ways, or choose to progressively increase or decrease the duration of the intervals as a ladder or pyramid. Then add all different types of music and you’ve got many dozens of different threshold intervals. These intervals are designed to improve aerobic development, endurance at threshold, and increase lactate threshold and/or power at threshold. For those riders or instructors who claim to not care about performance, these improvements also are the most effective for burning more calories and weight loss. 


These are simply some of the most versatile profiles in your coaching quiver, not to mention the most effective. 

Click below to download the template.


  1. This is THE BOMB! Question: in order to incorporate watts into this, students are looking to hold watts consistently over each interval? And if you vary the RPM’s in each interval, you are still aiming for the same watts because the RPE we want to achieve is the same?

    1. Author

      great questions Nina. I will elaborate on these more in an Ask the Expert article soon, because I am sure you aren’t the only one!

      Yes, you want to hold approximately the same watts in a threshold interval because your goal is to ride at their FTP. However, even at the same FTP, when done at different cadences, you may see a higher heart rate at the higher cadences. This will also lead to a slightly higher RPE, because sensation of heart rate is one of the factors in perception of one’s exertion.
      Therefore, use watts as the target goal, and then observe the HR (and/or RPE) response.

      I hope that makes sense!

  2. Wow! just discovered this! no way! no way?? this is amazing Jennifer! you are one amazing master! wow! I am set forever!

  3. Awesome just what I needed!!! trying to change it up this year and do more training with a purpose for my students. they are ready! This year my gym did our first 90 minute session the class was full and they LOVED it! Some of them even got spinning shoes for Christmas and HR monitors! I live in a rural town in Cleveland, GA, so it took us awhile to establish a good program now we have the regulars hooked, Love this site BTW! Thank you!

    1. you are welcome Cassie! So glad you found this template helpful and that ICA has helped you so much. We love hearing about your successes, and appreciate having you as a member!

  4. I would never have attempted profiles like this before joining ICA. The instructions, cues and examples allow me to create numerous rides that go well beyond typical interval designs and my classes notice. My riders now ask when we’re doing the “next LT ride?” Thanks again for making me look good.

  5. This is awesome. Sometime I feel like I am in a rut and your posts and ideas kick start me out of it. I will put this one to use asap.

    Thanks for all you do to keep Indoor Cycling meaningful.

  6. You are right! This is the key to the master plan. This will also come in handy with my new “toy” , the class builder app!

  7. I’ll take one from #1, then another from #2, and throw in a little something from #3. I love it!!! So many choices…..Jennifer you can really PUT OUT woman! LOL

  8. wow. awesome and thank you ! now to get busy planning.

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