Quick Profile: Let’s Go! Five Loops of Hills to Fast Flats

Drawing from our fun “Let’s Go!” theme playlist, here is a profile that your riders will be begging you to repeat again and again! You can change it up each time by swapping out some of the tracks from the extensive playlist of songs with “Go” in the lyrics.

This is an interval profile consisting of five loops. Each one starts with a climb and is followed by a fast flat. Each loop is then followed by an easy recovery, allowing you to hit the next climb plus flat with gusto. It finishes with a high-intensity 2-minute race effort.

Most of the songs use the chorus to dictate when you stand and push, so it will satisfy even the pickiest of participants who like to move in and out of the saddle! All of the songs have “Go!” in them; know the songs in advance so you can use the lyrics to motivate your riders.

Warning: this is a tough profile! Make sure to limit how much time you spend above threshold in the first four loops so you can hold a Zone 5 push for the final two minutes.

Let us know in the comments how you enjoyed this profile and if you used alternate songs from the Let’s Go theme playlist. That will give other instructors ideas for their own profiles.


  1. other songs: 1. Got To Keep On – Chemical Brothers BPM 125 2. Go Get It – Mary Mary BPM 92 … these are two songs I used in my profile. I used the Chem Bros song as a warm up btw.

    1. Author

      thanks. I also added the Chemical Brothers song to my “rain” playlist—midway through it says “and the rain comes down, like tears.” perfect!

      And I added the Go Get It song to my short recovery songs..

      I’ve added 7 new songs to that playlist in the last 2 weeks. Check out “Let’s Go!” by the Fratellis and “Go” by Cody Fry. I’d add them to this profile when I do it again.

  2. Thanks Jennifer. I did your 3-2-1 last week and everyone LOVED it. This week I will try this one. I have always used all my own music but this week I will use 90 percent of this playlist. thanks for all you do!

  3. Love this profile. Great class 🙂

  4. thanks for sharing !!! Going to try this and create a profile in stages flight unless you have already done so 🙂

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