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A Super Bowl Profile That Will Rock You Like a Hurricane!

In addition to Carole’s Super Fun Super Bowl ride, here is another profile from 2012… Choose whichever one suits your riders!


Hold on to your seats—you’re going to have some fun this weekend. And I don’t mean at your Super Bowl party either. This fun will be had in your cycling studio! I asked Kala if she had a few songs to suggest for a Super Bowl theme ride and she mentioned a great profile she did every year. I asked her to put it into the ICA template, and when she sent it to me I almost fell off my chair it looked so fun!

For you non-Americans and/or you non-grid-iron fans (um, that would include me) this may not be the profile for you. You’ll have to understand a little bit about the rules of this American game. But get your offensive lines ready and wait for that 2-minute warning!


  1. I love this profile… been using it for the last few years. I split the room and have the bikes facing each other… lots of fun.
    I also include some penalties, have a yellow penalty flag I use. Last year I brought a deflated football…
    Hoping to add cheerleaders this year. I work at a YMCA so hoping during the 1/2 time show the little people from Stay n’ Play will come up and help us celebrate!
    I do include coin toss and National Anthem… I still use Whitney Houston’s; one of the best in my opinion!
    So much fun… hoping for a good turnout… this ride is definitely more fun with lots of participants!

  2. This was fabulous. My class went crazy for it. We use the PIQ System so both teams could see how they were stacking up against each other. It was awesome! Tons of energy, pumping music and some friendly competition! I want to thank you and your team for amazing articles, profiles, songs, etc. I have definitely become a better instructor and appreciate this website so much! You all rock! Keep doing what you are doing!

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