Super Bowl Profile: Offense–Defense Switch

You want a Super Bowl profile to end all Super Bowl profiles? This exhilarating profile by guest instructor Carole Herrell, will have your riders dreaming of that Super Bowl ring, even if their own teams didn’t make it to the championship game. You will alternate from offense to defense, with different goals each time.

If followed verbatim, the intensity is pretty high; make sure to give riders the option of sitting out a play on the bench!

We’d love to hear your comments after you’ve had a chance to teach this. Let us know how your students appreciated it too!


  1. I love to read all the comments but don’t usually post. However felt I needed to share the positive feedback and excitment I got from my Sunday spin class after I taught the offense-defense switch theme ride. It was a packed house and the energy was blinding,had a lot of fun teaching this ride, everyone put their heart and soul into working really hard. I know very little about football being from the UK originally.
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. I’m so happy your riders enjoyed the profile, Pauline. Thanks so much for the feedback!

  2. Used the profile with a few song changes today. Group loved it and said it was challenging. I think we earned our nachos for game day!

  3. Interested in the free downloads..don’t see that they are free. Am I missing how?? Nice picks BTW. Thanks

    1. Author

      Hi Robin.
      Dang, I just checked and you’re right it looks like the download link is no longer there. With Soundcloud, you never know if something will remain as a free download. I don’t know if it’s because they reached a limit, or because it’s not legal, or why.

  4. Another stellar profile! Thank you ICA and creator Carole Harrell. When I showed up with a ping pong paddle (red on one side for defence and black on the other for offence) I think my participants were afraid of what I was going to use it for. When I explained the concept to them I saw the tension leave their faces. 😉 They all seemed to enjoy the ride and left with smiles on their faces and sweat on the floor. I tweaked the music a bit, adding in my favorite Seattle band the Foo Fighters (being from Vancouver we cheer for Seattle) on 4 of the songs and adding I’m Winning by Steve Winwood at song #12 (the song title and rpms fit the spot on the profile perfectly) I used We are the Champions as a cool down. For stretching off the bike I used one of my yoga songs. So here is my playlist:

    1. Running One
    2. Let’s Go
    3. You Spin Me Round
    4. Zombie Nation
    5. If You Want Blood
    6. Push It
    7. Pretender (Foo Fighters)
    8. Another One Bites Da Funk
    9. Rope (Foo Fighters) Deadmaus5 Remix
    10. Back to Skool
    11. Everlong (Foo Fighters)
    12. I’m Winning (Steve Winwood)
    13. Walk (Foo Fighters)
    14. We Are The Champions

  5. I’ve conducted a Super Bowl Team ride many years. I set up bikes as teams facing one another with that year’s Super Bowl sign for each. Those that come early get the bike/team they want to be on, the later a rider arrives they don’t have much choice. That encourages riders to arrive very early for this event. I set up my ride as 4 Quarters with each team taking a turn at offense as a fast flat and defense as a climb with a small football being tossed back and forth between teams. They love that. I do include a 2 minute recovery (commercial break) between each quarter. Halftime features songs from the present season’s half time performance artist. I have the availability of Performance IQ at one studio and incorporated the Team screen to observe how far in front or behind the other team which makes for some extra smack talk and fun. Without Perfromance IQ i designate a captain for each team and they keep track of distance for the leader at the end of each quarter and the final overall winner. Warning, that did create some stress for those who took the scoring a teensy bit too serious. I look forward to bringing this new profile for Super Bowl Replay.

    1. That sounds like a fun ride!

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