Tabata ON or OFF the Bike?

Every instructor has their own style and preference for when to teach on or off the bike. We’ve published a number of articles to this effect with general guidelines and suggestions for effective approaches. A few members asked specifically about the effectiveness of teaching Tabata and other high-intensity intervals on and off the bike. Here are three tips that will help you teach this ever-popular but very specific training modality as effectively as possible.


Demonstrate Form. Inspire Fierceness.

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  1. I need to get off the bike more often. I think there are many times that we can use this approach. I like to use it when we are on longer stretches of road where I can walk around, check form, and motivate them to keep moving. This works on flats and especial climbs when they are beginning to loose form. Intervals are great as well. Like you said, they feel the need to impress or live up to the challenge. Great post! It gives me ideas!

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