Explosions, Rumblings, and Reinvigoration!

Hey, all you fabulous indoor cycling instructors!

We have some exciting things going on at the Indoor Cycling Association. It starts with some behind-the-scenes remodeling. Right now, the back-end plugins don’t always play nicely together and we realize we need to fix that. But we will also be spicing up the website so it is much more user friendly with a more modern look. 

First, we are transitioning to a more integrated system that will allow us to tie in our membership with all of our posts. This will make it more convenient for non-members to access all of our free articles, and for members to search for and access member archives.

Step one involves retagging all of our posts. Since we have well over 800 posts, this might take a little while! ICA operations manager John Chappell is working diligently to do this with as little disruption as possible, but you may encounter a few archived posts that are unavailable. Please know this is only temporary.

Concurrently, we have switched over to a new membership management system. For the bulk of our members there should be no noticeable change; however, a handful of you might have received an e-mail with a new password. You can always go into the new system and change it back to your old password to make access easier on you. (If you’re like me, you hate changing passwords!) 

Second, we will be moving to a new server. This may mean a short period where the entire site will be unavailable, but we’ll let you know. The result will be faster loading times…always a great thing!

The next step will be to change the website theme, making it easier to search and access current and archived information. Not to mention, to make it prettier!

Coming soon are some big announcements to greatly enhance not just the Indoor Cycling Association, but to unveil our mission to light the indoor cycling community on fire! 

If that’s not advanced warning about exciting things to come, I don’t know what is! 😉

By the way, we welcome any and all suggestions to improve our website. Now is the time if you have any ideas since we are in remodel mode. Just leave them in the comments or e-mail us at info@indoorcyclingassociation.com.


  1. Author

    Do you mean getting an email reminder when new comments are posted to an article you commented on? If so, that’s a great idea. We’ll do some research to see how to make it happen.

    Let me know if you meant something else.

    1. that’s a good idea but i was thinking more along the lines of a link showing new comments, whereby, you click on it and can then be taken to the article(s) where new comments have been posted regardless of whether you posted personally or not. it’s always good to read the other member’s comments and questions and sometimes hard to remember yourself which particular article you may have commented on personally.

  2. would it be possible to tag articles when new comments are posted to that particular article ?

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