The Art of the Warm-Up, Part 6: Sample Warm-Ups for High-Intensity and Loop Profiles

Our extensive series on warming up now focuses on the practical matter at hand: creating warm-ups for your cycling classes.

Part 1 asked you to consider if you were warming your riders up properly for your rides.
Part 2 looked at the physiological variables.
Part 3 covered the disconnect between perceived exertion and heart rate.

The final three segments put it all together with eleven different warm-ups for thirteen different scenarios.

Part 4 delivered four different warm-ups for sub-threshold endurance and tempo profiles as well as a profile made up of one or several long climbs.
Part 5 provided warm-ups for profiles that include threshold intervals of varying lengths, field tests, and time trials.

Part 6 on this important topic gives you three more warm-ups, this time for two HIIT workouts above threshold, a VO2 max and an anaerobic capacity interval profile, plus a loop profile with three laps on the same terrain.

In this series we have provided a total of 11 warm-ups and 13 profiles! 

Note, the interval classes are 55- to 60-minute profile examples. To shorten them, simply take out one of the intervals from the main set and one of the prep intervals from the warm-up. You can also shorten the cool-down a little as these profiles provide ample cool-down time.  

High-intensity intervals #1: VO2 max

I hope these samples provide you with enough information to create your own warm-ups for your profiles depending on the intensity of your planned objective. 


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