The Sounds of Summer

Next week is the summer solstice. It might be time to put together a fun playlist of songs that reflect the joy and happiness that summer brings. Here is a playlist of 81 songs that you can choose from. I recommend an interval profile. Many of these songs are mainstream (rock, pop) and are shorter, so they are perfect for 3- to 5-minute efforts using a short 2-minute surf song as recovery.

If you have any more suggestions, please leave them in the comments below. I’ll make sure to update the playlist for next year.

Happy Summer!


  1. I am assuming you found most of these on itunes?
    crazy question since I have had someoen doing my music for YEARS… How would one begin to listen and how would she down load these& can she down load some to her phone or does is it best to download from the computer to ipod?


  2. Author

    The link is highlighted where it says “Click here”. The download will be placed in wherever your default setting is for downloads. I just tried it and it worked. Mine goes to my desktop. Try again, and if it doesn’t work, email me and I’ll send it to you that way.

  3. The link is not showing up. ?

  4. Here Comes the Summer-The Undertones
    Celebrate Summer-T. Rex/Marc Bolan
    Constructive Summer-The Hold Steady
    Summer-Buffalo Tom

  5. Stuck for the Summer, Two Hours Traffiv

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