Theme Profile: Put On Your Party Pants!

Introducing “Put On Your Party Pants,” a party ride with a purpose!

It’s time to gear up for the ultimate indoor cycling experience and put on your party pants! The title of this profile comes from the infectious lyrics of one of the songs in the playlist. This profile debuted in 2021 as a virtual ride on my birthday during the pandemic—which coincided delightfully with International Party Day (…or is it the other way around? International Party Day happens to align with my birthday!) 🤗

Since then, whenever I’ve taught this class, the energy has been electric.

Check out some of the rave reviews from my original birthday ride below—proof that this profile is bound to be a crowd-pleaser! 


Below, you’ll find suggestions on how to adapt or personalize this profile and playlist.

Birthday Bash

Harness the joy of this profile and playlist to celebrate your own birthday (because you deserve it!) or the birthday of one of your riders.

Did you know you can infuse a personal touch into your birthday playlist? Simply type “happy birthday” followed by a name into Spotify’s search bar to uncover personalized birthday tracks across various genres, ranging from short snippets to full-length songs. For mine, I opted for a reggae-infused birthday tune during the cool-down. For those with unique names, here’s a generic dance-style happy birthday track to keep the party going.

There’s an endless array of sensational party and celebration tunes to choose from. Dive into our collection of party anthems in the bucket playlist posted below, boasting over 170 tracks and continually expanding, perfect for International Party Day. Plus, don’t miss our Happy Birthday bucket playlist, featuring around 90 songs, guaranteed to keep the celebration going!

Here is the class promotion I created in Canva for my virtual birthday ride—of course I used an image of a party cat! My riders know I’m a crazy cat lady, too!


Party for an Event or Sports Team

Leverage this profile to infuse a party atmosphere into special events. Whether it’s a themed occasion or a celebration of a sports team’s victory, this profile can be adapted to almost any reason to celebrate.

For inspirational events, blend in tracks from our treasure trove of motivational tunes (over 3,300 songs!).

And why not celebrate your favorite sports team’s triumph? Incorporate songs that pay homage to your city, team, or sport. Make sure to keep an eye out for updated playlists from ICA for each sports championship—they’ve got you covered!

No matter the occasion for your party-themed ride, just remember to don your party pants and let the good times roll! 🎉

ICA members can access the profile PDF and Excel files and playlist for the Put On Your Party Pants ride below, plus two bucket playlists for Party and Birthday. 

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