Theme Ride Thursday: World Party Day, April 3 (New Profile)

Ah, World Party Day—now there’s a reason to celebrate if I’ve ever heard one!

Legend has it that this (unofficial) holiday traces its roots back to the climax of Vanna Bonta’s novel Flight: A Quantum Fiction Novel, where a global celebration unfolds on April 3, 2000. The first World Party Day was held around the world in 1996.

But here’s my take on World Party Day’s significance on April 3…

Could it be they caught wind of my birthday and decided to turn it into a worldwide extravaganza? I mean, it’s a plausible theory, right?! 🤗 🎉

Use One of Our Party Profiles

For World Party Day, we’ve got two profiles to choose from.

First is my delightful profile (if I do say so myself) titled “Put On Your Party Pants.” The title of the ride comes from the lyrics of one of the songs, so make sure to bring it on with your best party pants! My birthday happens to fall on World Party Day (or is it the other way around and World Party Day falls on my birthday? 🥳), so I like to have fun when I teach this class—I wear a party hat and play a happy birthday song to myself. Brace yourself for an exhilarating ride that’s sure to ignite the party spirit in you and your fellow riders. You can find that profile and playlist here

Brand new for this year (2024), Fern Stancer has created another exciting ride called “Party on the Bike.” It features four climbs and includes the song “In Da Club” by 50 Cent, another great song to celebrate a birthday.

Party Songs Galore

Having a robust collection of celebratory tunes is essential for a multitude of occasions. Whether you want to commemorate your or a rider’s birthday, wedding, retirement, marking your studio or club’s anniversary, or even rejoicing in your favorite team’s championship victory, there’s always a reason to revel. To help you out, I’ve got two bucket playlists for the occasion, one called Party (~170 songs) and one called Celebrate (~60 songs). (ICA members can find them at the end of this post.)

I have a feeling you’ll find yourself delving into these two jubilant bucket playlists packed with cheerful melodies time and time again throughout the year. Whether you craft an entire themed ride around party anthems or sprinkle them into your profiles to elicit smiles from your riders, these tunes are bound to spread joy wherever they’re played.

You can combine these songs of celebration with songs from this profile and playlist I curated in the summer of 2020 for the first class after lockdown. 

Here are a few of my favorite party tunes to get you started: 

Party Out of Bounds, B52s, 3:21, 81 rpm
No theme ride about parties would be complete without “Party Out of Bounds”! Make sure to listen to the lyrics about this party gone wrong.

Life’s a Party, 7kingZ, 2:55, 116 bpm
You’ll want to turn this one up. It’s a slow, hard climb but feel free to speed the legs up on the chorus. 

Raise Your Glass, P!nk, 3:23, 122 bpm
The ultimate celebration song—on a steep climb. Just make sure your glass isn’t empty because as P!nk says, “That sucks!” 

Gonna Celebrate, The Phantoms, 2:56, 98 bpm
Fun, fast, hard effort.

Gonna Celebrate, M.A.R.K. Universe, 3:23, 90 bpm
This track has great lyrics! Works well for a fast flat at almost any intensity.

Enjoy these two party profiles and the two party-themed bucket playlists below. If you know a party or celebration track that I’m missing, please leave a comment and I’ll add it.

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