Theme Profile: The Taxman Cometh

Just in time for Tax Day (in the US), Susan has created an entertaining theme ride called “The Taxman Cometh.” It would also be fun to pull out for National Be A Millionaire Day on May 20. 

All of the songs in the playlist relate to taxes and the almighty dollar. This muscular endurance profile consists of three increasingly longer climbs with a fast flat leading to the base of each climb. After you crest the hill, lower the resistance and let gravity assist you down to the bottom. Upon reaching the flat road, increase cadence to reach the next hill. Finish the workout by surging the legs on the chorus, riding like you are fleeing from an audit with the IRS!

Susan makes this even more entertaining by providing a few fun facts about taxes in the profile, such as:

  • It’s estimated that, on average, it takes around 13 hours to file your taxes.
  • According to an IRS study, 53% of taxpayers filed their taxes with a tax professional in 2021 rather than filing their own taxes.
  • The 1040 is the standard federal income tax form used to report income, and claim tax deductions and credits.
  • There is also a 1040-SR for seniors.
  • 92% of tax returns are expected to be filed electronically. The average refund in 2024 is $3,213, as of 2/23/2024.
  • Excessive deductions compared to what’s considered normal for your income level are a red flag and could result in an audit.
  • The IRS audited 3.8 of every 1,000 returns, or 0.38%, during fiscal year 2022.

For even more trivia about taxes, we’ve got two resources for you to dive into if you want to dole out fun facts to your riders during your warm-up and recoveries—between these 40 stats and this infographic, you’ll be buried in all the tax facts you could ever want! My favorite detail is this one:

The U.S. tax code, which includes all of the rules, regulations, and various legal jargon that make up tax laws, is almost 4 million words long. If that doesn’t sound like much, compare it to the entirety of Shakespeare’s canon—the Bard goes on and on forever, but all of his works only total about 900,000 words. Ouch.

You can amend Susan’s playlist (get it? Amend your taxes! OK, I’ll show myself out…) with some alternate songs if desired with our Taxes or Money bucket playlists that have a combined 425+ songs; you can find those playlists in this post

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