Theme Ride Thursday: Rev Up Your Wheels for Tax Season with Two Bucket Playlists and a Two Profiles!

Ah, tax season—the annual adventure where we all become amateur accountants, wading through forms and hoping for favorable returns. But hey, who couldn’t use a little extra cash infusion?

In tribute to April 15, that infamous date etched in every taxpayer’s calendar (at least here in the US! I’m sure every country has its tax deadline), we’ve crafted two bucket playlists to infuse your cycling classes with some financial flair. First off, dive into our “Money” playlist, packed with over 400 tracks celebrating the pursuit of prosperity, financial triumphs, and the joys of a well-padded wallet. Then, for those moments when tax jargon has your head spinning, switch lanes to our specialized playlist of 20 tunes dedicated exclusively to taxes and all their complexities.

Whether you’re balancing budgets or writing checks, these tunes will keep you motivated and focused on conquering tax season. And for comic relief, why not inject some funny tracks as recovery songs? After all, a good laugh can be the perfect antidote to tax-related stress. Here is the perfect 1-minute recovery track:

To save time, Susan has created an entertaining theme profile called “The Tax Man Cometh.In this muscular endurance profile, all of the songs in the playlist relate to taxes and the almighty dollar.

You can also feel free to hop aboard my “Riding for Riches” profile that I created for National Be a Millionaire Day—it’s an interval ride so exhilarating, you’ll forget you’re sweating out tax-related worries! Or, just use either of these two profiles as springboards for your own profile and swap in some tax-themed tunes from our bucket playlist below.

Got any favorite songs of your own to add to the mix? Share them in the comments! Because when it comes to navigating tax season, a little musical motivation can go a long way.

And just for laughs…



  1. 1040 Blues! by Robert Cray Band

    1. Author

      Added – thank you!

  2. Any sort of profile for this???

    1. Author

      Not this year. Hopefully next year.

    2. The profile I used last year for my 45 min. Foundations Biking class was a cadence ladder where we started at 80 rpm, climbed to 98 rpm before descending the ladder (95, 93) to the cool down.

      Pay My Rent – warm up (ride below 113 rpm)
      If I had a Million Dollars – 80 rpm (optional stand 1x)
      Billionaire – 86 rpm (optional stand 1x)
      Money – 89 (optional stand 1x)
      Lifestyles of Rich & Famous – recovery (ride below 115 rpm)
      Lawyers, Guns & Money – 94 rpm
      No Refund – 96 rpm
      Rich girl – 98 rpm
      Dollar A Day – Recovery at 82 rpm
      I Need a Dollar 95 prm
      Money Make Her Smile – 93 rpm
      1040 Blues/Ka-Ching – Cool down, stretch.

      Here is my playlist link on Spotify.

  3. I Gotsta Get Paid, ZZ Top
    Taxman, Stevie Ray Vaughan (I couldn’t find this one on spotify)

    1. Author

      Thanks Carla! I couldn’t find the SRV songs either, but we do have Taxman by the Beatles in there. 🙂

  4. RIch Girl by Gwen Stefani
    I’m ALive by Michael Franti ~ he talks about paying his taxes to feed the president
    Money CHanges Everything by Cyndi Lauper
    Shpw me the Money by Petey Pablo
    Cooldown ~ WIth plenty of money and you Tony Bennett

    1. Author

      Thanks for the ideas! These have been added.

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