Theme Ride Thursday: Breathe Through It

Ahhhh, breathing! It’s something that is so important to what we do in our cycling classes, whether we are working very hard and exhaling forcefully in a powerful interval or we are using diaphragmatic breathing to help our heart rates drop in a recovery or cool-down.

Sometimes a song about breathing is the perfect prescription for your playlist. We’ve got you covered with almost 150 songs of all genres and tempos related to breathing. Use these tracks when you are performing high-intensity intervals, riding at a steady-state sub-threshold aerobic level, encouraging your riders to immerse themselves in a meditative state, or as a finale at the end of your masterpiece ride. Remember, aerobic means “with oxygen,” so it’s perfect for breathing!

You can make an entire playlist for a theme ride or simply choose a few songs for your recoveries, your intervals, or your cool-down.

Do you have a pregnant rider you want to celebrate? Include a few of these tracks to let her know you have her best interests in mind.

ICA contributor Julianne has a HIIT ride called Just Breathe, a VO2 max interval session that will help your riders appreciate “just breathing”! All her songs are from this playlist.

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