Theme Ride Thursday: Get Your Freak On!

It’s time to get ur freak on! (Hat tip to Missy Elliot!) 

Oh, Missy, I feel old when I remember that song was released back in 2001! Rolling Stones listed it as #14 in the best songs of the decade, and in 2011, NME (New Music Express) listed it as #17 in the best 150 songs of the last 15 years. 

Missy Elliot isn’t the only one that likes to sing about freaks or getting freaky. I’ve collected over 100 songs around this theme of freaks and geeks, from Superfreak (Rick James) to Freakshow (Skillet). 

Why not pull some of these songs into a freaked-out playlist for your next ride? That would be just freakin’ fun!

Oh, and, Halloween is still almost two months away—and we have so many great possible theme playlists and profiles already (and more to come)—but this is another one to add to your Halloween options if you’re already tiring of your same ‘ol spooks or candy playlists. 

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