Quick Profile: Progressive Dueling Intervals Redux—Pop vs. Rock

One of the foundational profiles in the ICA archives is Jennifer’s Progressive Dueling Intervals

Bill Pierce has taken this profile and added one more “dueling” element to it—pop versus rock songs. Check out his profile and playlist below.

While you can change out the music to just about any profile, making it feel exciting and fresh to your riders, this one lends itself especially well to musical changes. And, while you can certainly choose any songs for your makeover, the layout of this profile is especially suited for waving a theme wand over it. Bill does that here with a music theme, but you can choose from any of our Theme Ride Thursday ideas, whether seasonal or otherwise. Just cut and paste with songs of similar length, energy, and tempo. 

Two other interval profiles that work really well for a themed musical makeover are Lather, Rinse, and Repeat and Lather, Rinse, and Repeat Take 2

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