Theme Ride Thursday: Kiss Kiss

From our vault…

Valentine’s Day is always a fun holiday to pull a themed profile together, as the options are endless. Instead of just updating our standard Valentine’s playlists this year, we decided to create a new one all about kisses. Most are your standard lovey-dovey songs, but there are a few that bring it to a different level such as Florence + The Machine’s “A Kiss With a Fist” and The Struts’ “Kiss This.”

I threw together this “Sealed With a Kiss” profile for my class using songs from this playlist. While it’s not in Quick Profile form, you can still benefit from this fun little profile for your Valentine’s ride. This was my class promo I used last year (created in Canva).


  1. I must have succumbed to the temptation, because my ride profile for this Thu AM (02-13-2020) is “It’s all about the kiss.” Here’s one you might consider adding to the Kiss songs playlist: Make Me Yours by Borgeous. I’m using it in a 3 song climb segment riding at 64 rpm, 1/2 the song’s beat. If interested, you can check out the entire playlist here:

    1. thanks, that’s a great song! I’ve just added it to the playlist. Have fun in your class!

  2. You had to tempt me with a kiss, didn’t you. I was all set to use the Cupid is Stupid or Something About Us profiles that I used before, but no, here I sit preparing to share the Kiss Kiss profile with class. In passing on the holiday love, I added more Kiss songs to the Spotify playlist. Maybe I can tempt someone else with a little smooch.

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