Theme Ride Thursday: Songs About Light

Every December, we repost Shari Miranda’s popular Winter Solstice profile, originally posted in 2013. I usually teach a version of this ride each holiday season, occasionally changing up some of the songs with other tracks on the theme of “light.” It’s a nice break from traditional holiday songs, especially if you don’t celebrate Christmas.

I’ve been creating a bucket playlist with other songs about light for a while now. It contains songs with the title or lyrics about light, leave a light on, light it up, turn up (or on) the lights, and lights out. Currently it has over 180 tracks and, like all the bucket playlists we provide for you at ICA, is continually growing as I find new songs.

You can peruse this playlist to change up a few songs in your Winter Solstice playlist or create an entirely new theme ride about lights at any time of the year. 

You can even narrow your theme ride down to specific songs with the lyrics “turn on/up the lights.” You might be surprised how many there are. (Hint: lots!)

Here is one of my recent additions that has the lyrics “turn up the lights”: “Lights – Bakermat Remix.” Perfect for a slow climb at 120 bpm. It has a wonderful saxophone segment, so I’ve also added this track to my Sexy Sax bucket playlist

Find the full bucket playlist below with over 180 tracks. As usual, if you have additions to this playlist, let me know in the comments. 

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