Theme Ride Thursday: That Sexy Sax

National Saxophone Day is on November 6, on the birthday of Antoine-Joseph “Adolphe” Sax, the inventor of the saxophone. We’ve compiled our favorite songs that highlight the sounds of this melodious instrument into a bucket playlist (currently at 200 songs—as usual, share your favorites if we are missing them). 

You may decide to create an entire theme ride using these songs to celebrate this instrument’s special day, or perhaps you are simply inspired to sprinkle sax songs into your regular playlists more often. You’ll find that the saxophone’s emotive quality has the power to uplift and inspire your riders. Whether you’re climbing a challenging hill or pushing for that final sprint, the saxophone’s soaring and soul-stirring melodies can be the driving force behind your pedal strokes. It’s an instrument that can make your cycling journey feel like an exhilarating musical adventure.

I’m sure the first thing that pops into your head when you hear “saxophone” is jazz music, but this soulful instrument transcends musical boundaries. In our bucket playlist, you can explore a wide range of genres beyond jazz, from classic rock and modern rock to alternative, punk, pop, indie, dance, R&B, blues, electronica, and hip-hop. You’ll find everything from classic rock artists such as Joe Cocker and Bruce Springsteen (all hail Clarence Clemons!) to more modern pop songs by Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and The Killers to electronica DJs and producers such as Bakermat and Robin Schulz.

Speaking of classics, any theme ride focusing on saxophone must include this song…it’s the law! “Money” by Pink Floyd, 6:22, 136 bpm. Just put it on and climb, no need to say much at all. 

Invite your riders to “ride with you” as you jam along with the saxophone on this climb. “Ride” by Max the Sax, 3:32, 124 bpm. (I’ve also added it to our RIDE Bucket Playlist.)

How about this unique use of the saxophone? It’s used to help to drive the rhythm of the song. “Wut” by hip-hop artist Kalifa, 2:47, 93 bpm. Use it as a recovery or a higher-intensity effort in the saddle.

The soulful R&B sound of The Neville Brothers is a must-have for your sax playlist. “Voodoo,” 4:27 and 159 bpm, is perfect as a warm-up. You can also use it as a cool-down (but that would mean you’re not using “Careless Whisper” as your cool-down!) or a gentle endurance effort. 

Try this cover of “Don’t Leave Me This Way” by Bakermat, 2:40, 126 bpm. It’s good for an energetic climb.

While most songs in our bucket playlist are usable for work efforts, there are some classics here that make for the perfect cool-down, such as George Michael’s “Careless Whisper,” 5:00, 154 bpm. 

And not to worry, you won’t find any Kenny G on this playlist! (But, hey, if you really want Kenny G…you know where to find him!) 😉 



  1. Thank you, Karen! One of my favorite songs to use is “Play that Sax” by Dj Rehan (on Spotify). With a BPM of 118, I usually ask for a seated climb with surges on the chorus. Fun!

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