Visual Cues to Enhance Your Coaching, Part 3

In Part 1 of this series we provided visual cues for technique and pedal stroke. The visual cues provided in Part 2 focused on intensity, terrain, and duration. For the final edition of this series, we have several hand signals for miscellaneous uses, such as riding formation, focus, breathing, and stretching.

Visual Cue #1: Pacelines





  1. Author

    first, I’d press to get a mic! It can be a liability issue, as well as a student enjoyment issue if they can’t clearly hear the instructor or miss out on cues. It also allows the instructor to be more of a coach and not rely on screaming to get a point across.

    But, since you don’t have one at the moment, start incorporating visual cues into your coaching. the more you do it, the more students will start paying attention.

    Another tip is to make sure you speak clearly and slowly, and to annunciate every word (especially if it’s a primary cue you are giving). If your voice doesn’t project well, if you speak quickly, they are less likely to hear.

    Good luck!

  2. I love the idea of adding visual cues because the place I teach doesn’t have a mic ( it’s a small room). It’s hard for me to project my voice. But I worry that most will miss the cues if they aren’t looking at me? As a student myself I usually zone out and don’t look directly at instructors 🙂

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