Do You Want to Pack Your Classes?

Would you like to create programming that packs the cycling room and guarantees excitement in every class?

Would you love to have your students rave about your creative, authentic profiles and inspirational coaching style?

While we (and many of our members) believe simply being a member of the Indoor Cycling Association can do just that, we also have a fabulous and fun suggestion for increasing the level of energy and excitement in your cycling program this winter….

Why not create a Tour de France Program now?

Why wait until July, when members are often on vacation or outside playing?

You get 19 very detailed, exciting, action-packed profiles that describe breakaways, adrenaline-fueled attacks, the peloton hunting down the breaks, pacelines, the race of truth (time trials), REAL sprints, pain and suffering, the thrill of success, the agony of defeat, overcoming doubt, exceeding limitations… Plus a 90-minute Powerpoint presentation and a 48-page e-book. You will get everything you need to know to program and teach exciting stage race profiles in total confidence!


Now is a great time to show them how fun Tour de France profiles can be. You might decide to teach a few profiles in your own classes, or to work with your program director and fellow instructors and create an entire 3-week tour of exciting profiles with promotion and prizes, like Cykl in Toronto did.

Cykl created a poster to promote the event, posted a leader board, gave out prizes, and finished the 3-week Tour with a party, including Tour de France cookies made by a local baker! Now what student wouldn’t want to continue to be a part of this program?

Imagine how your riders will react!

As soon as we posted our Tour de France video, we got back this reply:

Screen shot 2014-02-12 at 2.44.15 PM

Be like Brent and let ICA help you put together your program. Find out how you can create authentic and exciting profiles to keep your riders coming back again and again.


Below are the photos from the Cykl Tour de France Challenge.


Cykl sign


Cykl poster leader board

Cykl awards party

TDF cookies Cykl

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