Theme Ride Thursday: A Wedding Day Profile and Bucket Playlist

Have you ever had a rider announce they are getting married and you want to celebrate them with a special ride in their honor? Or maybe it’s YOU who is getting married and you want to share it with your indoor cycling tribe! We have you covered…we’ve curated the perfect wedding day bucket playlist to help you celebrate your or your rider’s upcoming nuptials while working off any pre-wedding jitters. It currently has almost 300 songs perfect for a wedding to choose from so you won’t have to spend hours searching.

However, we’ve gone one step further and have created a profile for you to use, saving you even more hours of time. 

Fern’s wedding-themed profile is called “Rhythm of Love: Groove, Dance, and Forevermore.” The songs were pulled from our wedding bucket playlist. As usual, if you want to replace a song or two, maybe to add your engaged rider’s most favorite song, you’ve got so many options to choose from.

This profile highlights some of the longtime wedding traditions that many people are familiar with. After the proposal, the wedding date is set and invitations are sent out. On the wedding day, after the formalities of the reciting of the vows at the chapel* (or wherever the special moment takes place), the fun really gets going on the dance floor at the reception. One of the most memorable moments is the first dance, where the married couple gets to dance together in front of family and friends for the first time. The reception may also include the father-daughter dance, the mother-son dance, and the ceremonial cutting of the cake. When it is all over and the couple has promised to love each other forever, there are the photos and videos to remember the special day.

Whether you are getting married or one of your riders* has announced their engagement, this playlist will help you to celebrate going to the chapel*!

*Obviously, every marriage will be a little different. Depending on the makeup of the couple you are celebrating and the way in which they choose to celebrate their union (including the location), you can modify your description and cueing.

Speaking of weddings…you’re going to want to read this sweet story of an instructor who was surprised by a wedding proposal from her boyfriend during the cool-down of her Valentine’s theme cycling class! 

Enjoy the bucket playlist and the profile below, and as usual, if we are missing a song or two from our large playlist that you have used in a wedding-themed ride, please let us know in the comments and I’ll be sure to add them.


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  1. Now I just need one of my riders to get engaged so I can teach this! It’s been over 10 years since a regular of mine got engaged!

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