Wednesday Timeless Classics: Every Instructor’s Dream Song!


  1. I LOVE this song and use it all of the time for my last song!!

  2. All the versions of the noted song were available on my I Tunes Store, separately. I’m in the USA.

  3. I’d really like to see more playlists that are based on R&B (not necessarily Hip-Hop). The Old School tunes are good as well. Most of my playlists are based on R&B music. If anyone else uses this genre and wants to share music selection ideas, please let me know.

    1. Author

      thanks for the suggestion. I will put that on my radar and come up with a few in the coming months. I bet Bryon Black has a few as well! If you have a favorite you want to share with me that you think would make a great Friday Favorites, email me at!

    2. Hi Homer! I have a playlist started with old school hip hop but struggle with R&B since it tends to be slower or the lyrics are suspect. (I work at the Y and most of it wouldn’t fly.) I’m interested in what R&B songs you use since I tend to use them for my cool downs. I’d be more than happy to put a playlist together using this genre. Feel free to msg me at karen @

  4. I was able to purchase it without buying the album.
    Great addition to my library…thank you!

  5. Hey – I actually have and have used this one! Love it as well!

  6. Hi Jennifer, I also just bought the Symphony Mix on iTunes, by itself. I live in New Jersey so it sure wasn’t from the Canadian version of iTunes. Perhaps it has been added since you last looked?

    Ed Maher

    1. Author

      I always check resources at the time I’m posting a Friday Favorites, Wed Timeless Classics or Mainstream Monday. Occasionally I’ve found that a song I have loved for a long time can no longer be found easily…and it’s always a bummer! (It’s more likely in the WTC posts since we go back further in time to find classics in the earlier days of SpinningĀ®).

      I just double checked and I still can’t purchase the Symphony Remix without purchasing the whole album. But I’m so glad you are able to! That means a whole bunch of other instructors can as well.

      I wonder if it’s a browser thing? I’ll have to double check…

      1. I was thinking perhaps they added it very, very recently. For what it’s worth, I accessed the iTunes store from my PC desktop. Maybe there’s a different result if from an Apple device?

  7. HI Jennifer

    I live in Canada and we have ITunes Canada- which is different than US iTunes in terms of song selection on rare occasions.

    I just bought the Symphony version by itself – did not have to buy the entire album.

    Wayne MacDonald

    1. Author

      That is great to hear, consider yourself lucky!

      I just don’t understand the differences in music accessibility from one country to the next!

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