Wednesday Timeless Classics: Soaring and Emotional Track from a Movie Soundtrack


  1. Saturday afternoon, I returned from the funeral of a friend and fellow cycling instructor. Chris Griffin was an outstanding racer, coach and for the last 15 years an institution on the bike. Riders would wait 45 minutes in the cold to sign up for his class before Equinox had on-line sign up. He would easily fill 50 bike rooms with riders wanting to ride with him and maybe catch a smile directed their way. It worked for him…and his “family”. He passed away to the surprise of everyone. The heart just gave out after two heart surgeries and no lay up from riding. I was looking for inspiration and found it here with these songs. I named my tribute ride, “The Gladiator Ride”, because that is what he was. ICA comes through again with inspiration and guidance. Thank you Jennifer for calming and helping direct scattered energy.

    1. Author

      Thank you so much for sharing that Michael. Yes, that would be a perfect song for a tribute ride like that—I’m so glad it was there for you at the right moment. I heard about Chris’ passing, but didn’t know what happened. How wonderful of you to do a tribute. RIP Chris.

  2. Thanks for sharing! Both are great! Remixes really change the feel of a song and adds variety to a ride!

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