The First, Latest, and Greatest iBook on Power for Indoor Cycling

As lovers of knowledge and educating the indoor cycling industry, we are very excited to see this incredible resource.

Apple’s iBook store has approved the first power training book dedicated to anyone who does Indoor Cycling or Spinning®. The iBook, “The Complete Guide to Power Training for Indoor Cycling” written by Gene Nacey, is also the first indoor cycling book ever made specifically for iBook distribution.

With so many Indoor Cycling instructors now beginning to teach on bikes with power, Gene’s focus is on simplifying the jargon and educating the reader from ground zero is more important than ever. The latest iBook features provide an incredible set of tools to make this a much more engaging experience than one would normally find in a book like this.

Publishing “The Complete Guide to Power Training for Indoor Cycling” on an iBook format gives readers a media rich resource. Within the 245 pages, there are 291 photos, 101 figures, charts and tables, 13 downloadable spreadsheets in both, Windows® and Mac formats, 6 narrated animations, 4 interactive graphics, and 3 downloadable wall charts.The First, Latest, and Greatest iBook on Power for Indoor Cycling

Click on the Ad below to learn more or purchase this iBook as a PDF:

Gene explains, “Aside from using Watts per Pound (instead of Watts/kg) to discuss power to weight ratio, I also decided to group power in terms of duration of the effort and where those efforts are likely to occur when riding outside. This was the “user-friendly” or practical approach I chose to take instead of having all of the zones and training be defined by percent of FTP (Functional Threshold Power). This has made it much more understandable to both cyclists and non-cyclist who simply love to ride inside for the incredible workouts.”


  1. Hope the book comes to Australian iTunes soon. Buying the PDF in the meanwhile but would prefer the ibook

  2. I have purchased the IBook and have found it to be an excellent resource, even though we do not have bikes with power yet. I concur with Tom, job well done Gene Nacey.

  3. Would I be able to view the interactive iBook version on my IPad also? Thanks can’t wait to get it!

    1. To purchase the iBook version, you need to use the iBook Store app on your iPad, and just like music, you buy it right on your iPad, and if you keep things synched with the Cloud, it will also be available on all other iDevices you own.

      You can either search by my name Gene Nacey, or by the title of the book – even “Indoor Cycling” will bring it up – with the very few other titles that exist in this category.

      Thanks for the interest and support!


      1. It sounds like a great piece to have in my iPad. I just purchased it! I’m looking forward to the contents.

  4. How do I purchase the iBook version?

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