Growing As An Instructor By Attending And Evaluating Other Classes

One of the best ways to grow as an instructor is to attend other instructors’ classes. You can assess what you like and what you don’t like, you can look for similarities with your style, and you can seek out coaching styles that you would like to adopt. And if you suspect you may have a bad habit, you can ask yourself poignant questions like, “Is that what I sound like when I yell ‘Go!’ all the time?”

To get the most out of the classes you attend, here are some tips to evaluate both the instructor and class so you can incorporate what works well and enhance your own coaching.

But before I give you the tips, I want to stress four things.


  1. Great article. We can learn so much from observing others. You come to really appreciate the unique styles of teaching that each instructor bring to their class.

  2. Thank you! Those are some really great notions to “look in the mirror” and take a few steps back.
    How would you recommend responding when students gripe about other instructors? I live in a SMALL town and resources are limited. I get a lot of comments like “when you say so-and-so is going to sub, I don’t even show up.” I will never speak poorly of a colleague, but do you have some suggestions for this situation?!?

    1. Author

      This is a great question Andrea. I’ll give it some thought, and maybe put it out to the group to see what others do. Like you, I don’t think one should put down a colleague, but you also don’t want to ignore the question.

  3. So much great information to think about and evaluate…thanks.

  4. Great list, Jennifer. Another reason to visit classes is that sometimes an instructor will be asked to recommend others. For instance, “I really like your class on Monday. Who might be a good instructor for me on Wednesday?” I get this kind of question regularly and it is helpful to be able to match students needs to the style of instructors.

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