Presidents’ Day Playlist: Songs to Celebrate Our Forefathers

Presidents’ Day is coming up. If you’re looking for a way to honor our pals George and Abe, along with the rest of the presidents of the United States, then check out our Presidents’ Day playlist. In this year’s playlist, we have selected close to 160 songs with the word “president,” the name of a president, or a sentiment about a president (former or current). So there’s something for everyone. You can also mix it up with some songs from our Election Day Playlist

And, if you’re a fan of the musical Hamilton and love hip-hop, then you’ll like a few of this year’s additions—songs from The Hamilton Mixtape. 

Presidents’ Day Playlist


  1. Hot Rod Lincoln…it’s not about the president but still…

    1. of course not! But it’s still fun. I assure you, most songs about the actual presidents (and there are very few) would be pretty darn boring! 😉

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