Theme Ride Thursday: Pedal into Passion—Unleash the Energy with Six Valentine’s Day Cycling Profiles!

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and at ICA, we’re gearing up to make it a ride to remember! With six exhilarating cycling profiles in our lineup, we’re ready to challenge your students both physically and mentally while keeping the energy high and the tunes pumping.

From timeless classics in our archives to a brand-new addition fresh for this year, each profile is carefully crafted to provide an unforgettable experience for both you and your riders. With a mix of heart-pounding climbs, energetic flats, and intense intervals, these rides are sure to push your students to their limits while keeping them engaged and motivated.

So whether you’re looking to shake things up with a new challenge or revisit old favorites, our Valentine’s Day profiles have something for everyone. You can always spice up your playlist with one of our five (yes, five!) Valentine’s-themed bucket playlists with over 1,400 songs to choose from!

Get ready to lead your students on an exhilarating journey through the power of music, coaching, and sheer pedal power. Let’s make this Valentine’s Day ride one for the books!

Six Valentine’s Profiles

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

This creative and fun interactive profile explores the sensations that go along with the “He loves me, he loves me not” game—where you pull petals off a daisy and the last petal is the one that applies to your current crush. The music reflects these two alternatives, which should have your riders alternating between pain and pleasure.

Sealed with a Kiss

Indulge in a Valentine’s Day extravaganza with my latest themed profile, “Sealed with a Kiss,” revamped for 2024. This exhilarating ride takes you through three challenging climbs, each prefaced by an invigorating stretch of flat road. But save some of that energy because the grand finale packs a punch! The ride concludes with a heart-pounding 6-minute session of short, high-intensity intervals that will leave you breathless. It’s not just a ride; it’s an experience—a memorable kiss to seal the deal! xo

Quick Profile: Something About Us, A Valentine’s Day Profile

While Valentine’s Day may be a sensitive holiday for those not head-over-heels in love with someone, it’s definitely my favorite theme to curate. This playlist celebrates breakups, makeups, and everything in between. The music is eclectic, or as I like to call it, all over the place. I promise you, there’s something for everyone! Sound like fun? Great—grab your water and pour your heart and soul into this ride!

Feel My Heartbeat

While typical endurance classes are over an hour, my morning class is limited to 45 minutes. Songs chosen span breakups to makeups and everything in between.

Cupid is Stupid

I’m reviving a Valentine’s profile in our archives that I created years ago called “Cupid is Stupid.” It’s sure to get a laugh or two (or perhaps rolling eyes) from your students—that is if they have any breath left. 

Sweet Poison

Sweet Poison represents a box of Valentine’s chocolates. This profile riffs on Jennifer’s “Trick or Treat” Halloween ride, but in this case, after selecting a song it will be up to each student to design an activity for the class. In doing so they will have to take into account their knowledge, personal preferences, and the reactions of the other students. You AND your students will be taking some risks with this profile…but isn’t that what love means as well







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