Theme Ride Thursday: From Romance to Rebellion—Five Valentine’s Day Playlists for Love, Laughter, and Tears!

Love is in the air, and so are the beats! 💕 If you’re gearing up to lead a Valentine’s theme ride in your classes, we’ve got just the thing to spice up your playlist game. Say hello to our five Valentine’s Day bucket playlists—each one crafted to cater to every mood and sentiment swirling around the day of love. Altogether, they make up over 1,400 songs to choose from!

First up, we’ve got THE Valentine’s Day playlist (~300 songs)—the reason for the season, if you will; the epitome of romance, the heart-fluttering soundtrack to your ride. Think swoon-worthy ballads, soul-stirring melodies, and all the feels packed into one playlist. It’s the perfect backdrop for riders to pedal their way through a journey of love and passion.

Now, for those who aren’t exactly feeling the lovey-dovey vibes, our Anti-Valentine’s Day playlist (over 600 songs!) is here to save the day. Packed with anthems of independence, a healthy dose of sass, and maybe even a touch of anger, this playlist is for all the heartbreakers and solo riders out there. After all, who needs roses when you’ve got pedals to push and goals to crush?

But wait, there’s more! If you’ve been leading traditional Valentine’s rides for years and want to get more specific in your song choices, you’ll want to explore the next three bucket playlists. The third and fourth ones dive deeper into matters of the “Heart” (~185 songs) and “Heartbreak” (~160 songs). Whether you’re basking in the warmth of love or nursing a broken heart, these playlists have got you covered with tunes that speak directly to the soul.

And let’s not overlook the enchanting art of kissing! Our fifth bucket playlist, called “Kiss” (~185 songs), is a delightful assortment of melodies that encapsulate the magic of those tender moments when lips unite. It’s the ideal addition to infuse your ride with a touch of romance. 

Mixing and matching songs from these playlists will ensure that your Valentine’s Day ride caters to everyone—from hopeless romantics to fierce independents and everyone in between. Because let’s face it, love comes in many forms, and so does great music.

Six Valentine’s Profiles!

Now, the cherry on top: premade Valentine’s profiles to save you precious time and energy creating your own. We’ve got six delicious profiles available here at ICA, you can effortlessly elevate your Valentine’s Day ride to new heights of passion and intensity without spending hours putting one together.

As always, we’re open to suggestions—if there are any songs you think we’re missing from our bucket playlists, drop them in the comments below. Let’s keep the love (and the music) flowing!

Make sure to check out our Valentine’s Day profiles if you haven’t already. And if you have any additional suggestions, please leave them below in the comments so we can add them to next year’s list!




  1. Thanks for all the Anti-Valentines songs. I haven’t ever done a pro or anti-valentines theme class. This year I heard the song I Hope and that did it. There are so many breakup songs. Between I Hope and abcdefu/abc(nicer), that convinced me it was time. I have been mentioning this idea to my classes and they are excited about it. This will be a 6 am class on the 15th. I did decide that the song I Hate Everything About You could be too much. Thanks again.

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