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The Olympic Dreams Profile

This awesome, creative, and fun profile called Olympic Dreams used the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, to explore some form and intensity topics related to four winter sports. Christine, who is from Canada, used the following sports and teams in this profile, but it can be updated to reflect other teams and sports. 

  • Men’s and Women’s Curling, Canada
  • Women’s Team Pursuit Long Track Speed Skating, The Netherlands
  • Men’s 15 km Cross-Country Skiing, Norway
  • Women’s Bobsleigh, Germany

She provides details about each sport in the text, and the music used for each sport is performed by musicians from each of the focus countries.

You can use this profile as a model to create your own similar ride if you wish, using the sports you know best, and adding your favorite teams, and your home team, if desired.

If you do highlight some other sports and countries, can you share the music you used in the comments below?

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  1. you might be interested in an article found in the Wall St. Journal on Tues., February 11 titled The Dutch Key to Skating: Getting on a Bike.

  2. I did an abbreviated version of this today (my lunch class is 45 minutes) and got rave reviews. Thanks so much =)

  3. I had the pleasure of participating in a class with Chris for her “Olympics Dream Profile”, and I loved it! It was fascinating to learn facts from each sport. I thought it was a nice touch to showcase different sports from several countries and tie it all together with music from those countries.
    As a proud Canadian, I loved “Hurry hard!”. Thanks Chris!

  4. Very cool, ladies!! 🙂

  5. Author

    Ohh, that might be a good challenge for me! I didn’t ski race, but I taught skiing for years, and I know the burn in the legs from a bump run!

  6. The Olympics brings out the nationalist in almost everyone. For that reason, I’d like to add some notes about the Olympic Dreams profile. Although I live in Canada I am actually a US citizen and would have liked to include a visit with a United States team in this profile. But when I did my research on the medal favourites I discovered that the US was predicted to excel in sports like skiing and snowboarding. I didn’t have the imagination to describe those events and link them to cycling activities and effort. I’d be delighted if someone else could take up the challenge and write a section based on one of the downhill or freestyle events.

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