Strategies for Strength: The Wisdom of Yoda

Another strategy that I’ve used when climbing epic mountains, or getting through really challenging situations, is to keep telling myself that there is no other option. Not doing what I’ve set out to do is not one of the choices available to me.

As Yoda says, “Do. Or do not. There is no try.”

When you are outdoors on your bike, the enormity of the lack of options is a lot more apparent than when you are indoors and the resistance knob is so very close, so very tempting.

Sure, when you’re riding up a very challenging mountain outdoors, there are theoretically the following options:

You can turn around. But you tell yourself that is NOT an option—you will do this! So banish the thought. I’ve even told myself how humiliated I would be with myself if I turned around. For me, that has worked and kept me turning the pedals.*

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  1. I love this! So many people have seen that movie – it’s a great reference, and a wonderful way to get them thinking about how they can push themselves harder by using that mind/body connection. I will stop short of adding, “Use the force, Luke.” 🙂

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