Strategies for Strength: Benchmarks and Rewards, Part 2

In part 1 of this strategy, I gave several examples of ways that I have set mini benchmarks on a challenging climb and rewarded myself when I got there. By piecing a series of these mini goals together, I could stay motivated and positive along the way without getting down on myself when it got hard.

You can do this in your classes on your long climbs by using visualization. Give riders a vivid picture to imagine in their minds, or encourage them to look ahead and find their own mental image from a climb they might be familiar with.

Following are some examples of cues you can use to break the climb into bite-size pieces and the rewards you ask them to give themselves once they get there.

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  1. Love this strategy!! Gonna use it today with my New Years ride that has a lot of climbing. Your articles are so enlightening.

    1. Author

      thank you, Lyn! These are the cues I give to myself when I am faced with a really hard climb outdoors, so I know they work!

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