Two Thanksgiving Profiles From Our Archives

Here are two past Thanksgiving profiles for your holiday-themed rides. If you are not in the US and do not celebrate Thanksgiving, the Gratitude Ride has no borders! And, you may want to share one of these with your riders anyway; I often do theme rides that are not from my own country, such as Cinco de Mayo or Bastille Day.

The most inspiring profile is one of my favorites, The Gratitude Ride.

The second one is called Over the River and Through the Woods, a mountain bike rolling hills profile en route to Grandma’s house for dinner!

ICA member Tony Orlandi added a fun twist to the Over the River ride. He posted this on his FB last year:

Over the river ride

Then Tony posted a picture of the best replies he got from his students. Oh Grandmother—if she only knew what she was in for this year! 😉

Over the river ride grandmas house

We recently posted our updated Thanksgiving Day playlist, so you can switch up some of the songs if you prefer.


  1. HI,

    I see the 2 rides — Gratitude and Over the River — but where is the “Thanksgiving playlist with 223 songs…”? Thank you, Christine Quinn

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